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As a business owner, you have likely worked tirelessly in order to reach a level which allows you to expand your operations. After more than 20 years in the commercial construction industry, we are aware of the impact a company’s reputation can have on its business. Unlike other construction management firms, we work closely with our clients, regardless of the size of the job.

Whether you are simply renovating an existing building or planning to construct an entirely new location, your years of dedication should be rewarded with the most reliable project management services available. Every construction project manager employed by 4J Construction Services in Davis, California, will deliver results well-beyond those of other sub-par companies.

Certified Experience

Every project manager employed here at 4J Construction is appropriately certified to oversee the jobs to which they are assigned. Our team members have been educated in a variety of construction-related fields such as building science and civil engineering. The construction manager assigned to your project will be certified and possess ample experience in the oversight of a job such as yours.

Our clients need to be assured they are receiving the best services from the most qualified construction project manager available. We have completed commercial construction projects of all types including gas stations, community facilities, and schools. As business owners ourselves, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide quality work and we hold our employees to the same standard.

Honest Leadership

At 4J, we recognize the value of quality leadership. From beginning to end, your construction project manager will be eager to see your dreams become reality. For this reason alone, you can expect nothing less than open and honest communication throughout the entirety of your commercial building project. You will be kept well-informed of the progress as well as tips to saving on the costs without cutting corners.

Our main goal is to keep every construction project we manage running smoothly, on-time, and within budget. Our experience in construction management makes it easy for us to determine and obtain the proper permits. We will then see to it that any needed subcontractors, supplies, and inspections are completed without delay. When issues do happen to arise, we make it a point to communicate the problem and assist our clients in finding a solution as quickly as possible.

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Seeing your new or renovated business location to its successful completion is why we do this work. For this reason alone, you can be confident in leaving your commercial building project in the hands of a construction project manager from 4J Construction Services in Davis, California.

If you are interested in assistance with your budget and estimates, developer consultations, or general contracting needs, simply contact us today. We will gladly discuss how you can benefit from our services, whatever your needs may be.

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