construction manager and client review plans

Are you a business owner looking to expand, remodel, or open a new location? Do you want to be involved in the construction process, but have no idea how to go about managing such a large project?

As Roseville, California, business owners, those of us at 4J Construction Services know how important it is for our clients to have a highly skilled construction manager available to oversee their building projects.

Comprehensive Consultation

By choosing to hire a construction manager from 4J, you will receive fully-comprehensive guidance while retaining a large amount of control over your building project.

Twenty years in the business has given us the tools needed to keep you well informed so you can make the best decisions for your situation. This expertise also allows us to guide our clients throughout the entirety of their projects. From beginning to end, you can rest assured that you are receiving nothing but the most open and honest communication possible.

Clear-cut Savings

Aside from our highly-experienced guidance, you will also enjoy costs savings with a clear-cut fee that you works well within your budget. You simply ascertain the total cost of the total time and cost of materials for the project.

Our fee will then consist of an agreed-upon percentage of those costs, making it easier for you to manage the finances of your project. Furthermore, our construction management fees are generally less expensive than handing your entire project to a general contractor.

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At 4J Construction Services in Roseville, California, we will see to it that the just right construction manager is assigned to help you oversee your building project. We are also prepared to assist our clients with any budgeting, development consultations, and general contracting needs that may arise.

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