review with construction project managerA commercial general contractor is the leader of every major construction project. This includes the construction of schools, restaurants, retail stores and office buildings. This professional is who you contact to plan every step of the process from start to finish. There are several reasons why it’s ideal to work with a high-quality contractor.

Project Management

Good business management is the foundation of every building project. A commercial general contractor is a master at project management and has already overseen hundreds of construction projects. He or she has experience in fulfilling every project from start to completion. The most efficient contractor makes sure that no project goes untouched for more than a few months. If it cannot be completed, it is immediately canceled and a new one is set in its place.

Building Permits

Effective commercial general contracting includes the ability to follow local rules and regulations. Constructing any building is a dangerous task. The construction company, building owner and the entire city can be sued for negligence if the building breaks down.

By law, construction companies must obtain building permits that grant permission to build. Without a permit, the building is constructed illegally and can be torn down at any time. There are also fines issued to individuals and companies that don’t work with permits.

Building Codes

Building codes are designed to ensure that every builder follows local, state and national laws. One code involves the site’s location. An elementary school cannot be built close to a busy highway, and a noisy nightclub cannot be built in a residential area. Codes are minimum standards that every construction must meet to be deemed as safe and appropriate for public use.


A commercial general contractor is responsible for scheduling building inspections that occur before, during and after the construction process. The main purpose is to ensure the building’s safety, which is especially important before it’s opened to the public. Checking the electrical system for faulty wiring is one task that prevents fires. A contractor makes sure that the plumbing and HVAC systems work properly to maintain the highest levels of comfort and efficiency.

Building Designs

Although safety and reliability are important, the ideal look and design must be considered. Few owners want a building that looks and functions exactly like every other building in the site’s zone. A good contracting company will complete your project on time and within the budget costs, but the best one will construct using the architectural designs and materials of your choice.

Every building needs a solid foundation and history from the start. Constructing a building of any size and complexity requires the help of an experienced contractor. A skyscraper undergoes a series of stringent checks before it’s allowed to be built. A school is planned so that it’s built with the safest fire and evacuation systems. If you’re looking to fulfill a local project, start by finding the right commercial contracting service in Chico, CA.